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AFG ECR Woven Roving
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Product Descriptions
AFG ECR Woven Rovings are composed of ECR glass direct rovings, woven bi-directional into a fabric.

AFG ECR Woven Rovings are compatible with multi-resin systems.

AFG’s ECR glass fiber reinforcements combine the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E glass fiber with
superior chemical corrosion resistance, superior thermal resistance, higher di-electric strength and better surface
Product Information

Product Woven Roving  
Glass TypeECR 
Square Weight (g/m2)
Standard Width (mm)1250   
Roll Length (m)
70 65 48
Roll Weight (kg)
45 50 49
Thickness (mm)
Other widths (from 50mm – 3000 mm) and densities are available upon request.
Technical Data
Product Woven Roving
Square weight (g/m2)
Warp (Ends/10cm)
23 27 19.5
Weft (Ends/10cm)
19±2 23.5±2 15.3±2
Technical Parameters
Area Weight (%)ISO 3374Nominal value ± 8%
Moisture (%)ISO 33440.2 max
Combustible Content (%)ISO 18870.30 – 0.70
Warp and Weft Density (%) ISO 4602 ± 5%
Roll Length/Weight (m)
± 10% of nominal
Weight and LOI values depend on nominal values for warp and weft inputs.
AFG Woven Rovings are wound on a cardboard tube with an inner diameter of 10 cms. Each roll has a diameter of 22 cms. Each roll is packed in a PE bag, and are also available in individual carton box and put vertically or horizontally on wooden pallets. Each pallet is stretch-wrapped.
Storage Conditions
The product should be stored in its original packing material in a dry area. Temperature should not exceed 35°C
and the relative humidity should be kept below 65%. It is recommended that the product is stored at room
temperature at least 24 hours before use to avoid moisture condensation.
Pallets should not be stacked more than two layers high.
The above information reflects typical values of AFG’s products, based on our laboratory data. However, we do not
guarantee its applicability to the user process or assume any liability or responsibility arising out of its use or
performance. AFG reserves the right to change the above data and specifications without prior notice.
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