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Multi-end SMC Roving
Product Information | Technical Parameters | Packaging | Storage Conditions
Product Descriptions
AFG ECR Multi-End SMC Roving is a multi-end continuous roving, with a silane sizing, gathered into a single strand and wrapped into a cylindrical package without twist.

AFG ECR Multi-End SMC Rovings are compatible with polyester resins and are designed for use in general purpose chopping applications for production of SMC parts.

AFG's ECR glass fiber reinforcements combine the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E glass fiber with superior chemical corrosion resistance, superior thermal resistance, higher di-electric strength and better surface resistivity.

Product Information
Product Glass Type Product Code Linear Density Filament Diameter Number of Ends Strand Linear Density Sizing
      (tex) (µm)  
Multi-End Roving
ECR SMCR24001425
14 25
96 silane
Technical Parameters
Linear Density (%)
ISO 1889
± 10
Moisture  Content (%)
ISO 3344
0.2 max
Combustible Content (%)
ISO 1887

1.25% nominal

Net Weight (kg)
20± 2kg

AFG ECR Multi-End SMC Roving is a multi-end roving gathered into a single strand bundle without twist.
This roving is supplied in a plastic wrap and packed together within a card board carton box including thirteen support posts in a pallet.
Pallets contain three or four layers. Each layer contains 16 packages.
This roving can also be supplied with do-to-do connections.

Approx Package Weight Package Size Packages per layer Packages per pallet Pallet size Pallet net weight approx
External Diameter Internal Diameter Height
(kg) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
20 280±5 75±10 260±10 16 48 1140x1140x880 960
64 1140x1140x1180 1280
Storage Conditions
The product should be stored in its original packing material in a dry area. Temperature should not exceed 35°C and the relative humidity should be kept below 65%. It is recommended that the product is stored at room temperature at least 24 hours before use to avoid moisture condensation. Pallets should not be stacked more than two layers high
The above information reflects typical values of AFG’s products, based on our laboratory data. However, we do not guarantee its applicability to the user process or assume any liability or responsibility arising out of its use or performance. AFG reserves the right to change the above data and specifications without prior notice.
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