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Abahsain Information System IT Divisio
As information technology supplants old management systems, companies and institutions need expertise to
design and when needed custom create software management tools, to run their business. To fill this emerging and ever evolving need and to offer futuristic yet sensible solutions and IT services to users in Kingdom, Abahsain has set up an impressive and efficient IT division i.e., Abahsain Information Systems (ABIS)

Our aim is to enable effective utilization of our customers' resources, increase their productivity, reduce their costs and provide them with versatile IT solutions to give them a competitive edge.
AIS ERP (Iris)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a fully integrated system that enables companies engaged in process manufacturing operations to meet the challenges presented by the fast changing market place. The integration of accounting, reporting and operational facilities provides a complete front, middle and back office solution.
ERP was developed to offer a unique real-time financial support environment to the process industry. The objective of the development team was to draw from their considerable manufacturing experience and create an innovative ERP system that would fully meet the business demands of the new millennium. The result is ERP, which has been successfully implemented world-wide and is today, without doubt, the leading software solution for the process industry.
The ERP approach is one of total flexibility and results in a system, which may be fully adapted to meet the needs of its users. Control over processing is given through the use of Tables, containing business and operational parameters, and utilities, facilitating customization of screens, enquiries and reports. Few aspects of ERP are fixed and alterations may be made at any time to keep pace with changing requirements.

Currently ERP operates under Windows 2000 and is being tested for UNIX, enabling users to benefit from the wide choice of hardware and solid growth path offered by these platforms.

ERP Utilities and user definable processing conditions and parameters enable ERP to be easily implemented in most countries, with little or no technical assistance. Such an approach leads to greater self-sufficiency, so reducing supplier dependence.

Because ERP is a modular system, individual solutions may be built from the range of ERP modules to exactly meet a Company's business needs. This approach is very cost-effective since you only pay for the modules that you license. Additional modules may be added to the initial system at any time.
AIS Lease BusinessSuite
An ERP for Non-Banking Financial Institutions A software solution that addresses the maximum needs of a non-banking financial institution by taking the process view of its business functions to meet its organizational goals.
The ERP caters the maximum requirements of a leasing company. It integrates all branches, departments and functions across the company onto a computer system that can serve their particular needs.
The system possesses a high degree of standardization and flexibility. There are least dependencies on the coding, and maximum configuration options are available.
Modules of Lease Business Suite
AIS product covers the whole of the operations – functional & support, of the leasing business including the followings:
  1. Leases Management

  2. Deposit Certificates Management

  3. Treasury Management

  4. Fixed Assets Management

  5. Human Resource Management
  1. Bills Payable & Petty Cash Management

  2. Collection & Post Dated Cheques Management

  3. Internal Audit Management

  4. Financial Management
Inventory Management Solution
In today’s growingly competitive marketplace organizations just cannot afford to carry excessive levels of inventory. At the same time customer service which embraces having the product available for the customer at the right place and the right time, is progressively more important. This problem is aggravated when products have a high unit price and customer service requirements are high. An integrated approach to inventory management is necessary to effectively balance the need to keep inventory low while simultaneously keeping the service level high.

The AIMS is a futuristic, web-based inventory management solution designed to assist an organization to meet or exceed customers’ expectations of item or product availability while minimizing costs or maximizing profits. It provides real-time input, review and analysis of inventory parts and quantities. Ease and flexibility in adjusting to changing needs are the important characteristics of the system.
The AIMS consists of 24 tightly integrated modules. They include:
1- Cataloguing and Distinctive Stock# Allotment

2- Demand Processing

3- Receipt Processing

4- Adjustment Processing

5- Procurement

6- Reparable Management

7- Quota Maintenance & Monitoring

8- Computation & Adjustment of Stock Control Levels

9- Inventory Valuation

10- Physical Inventory

11- Audit

12- Configuration Tracking

13- Substitutes Management

14- Budget Monitoring

15- Shelf Life Monitoring

16- Stores Return
Business Suite
It is a fully customizable business and financial accounting solution. Its flexible reporting and analysis functions coupled with innovative alerting and scheduling tools enable you to make the best use of your resources, increase productivity, reduce costs, better serve your customers, and improve your competitive edge.